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Organizing sailboat specifications and opinions


Welcome to Sailboat List! Thanks for stopping by. aims to be a simple resource for referencing sailboat specifications and dimensions, as well as to provide some insight into the advantages of particular designs and configurations.

Sailboat details can be found scattered across the web in forums, on individual sites, blogs, mailing lists, publicly available spreadsheets, and manufacturer brochures and promotional reprints. This site conglomerates that information and provides a single resource for viewing the manufacturer specifications of particular sailboats.

I am a huge sailboat enthusiast and started working on this site as a side project. As it grew I found myself referencing it constantly while researching sailboats from craigslist and eBay. I have now made the site public so it can be viewed by others and hopefully provide a quick and simple reference for those in the boat buying market.

Please bear with me as the site is put together and better organized. I’ll be injecting my own opinions of boats here and there as my knowledge continues to grow.

There is also a companion site which lists only the sailboat photos. It can be found here: It provides simple copy paste links to include the sailboat photos and drawings anywhere on the web you would like, as well as direct links to the images. This can help you reference boats in forums and mailing lists and also allows you to include the images on your own site or blog.


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